Skin care facing troublesome skin problems.
It leads to the original skin.



Extra Oil Cleansing Cure

For those who want to drop makeup firmly, but the oil cleansing is concerned about drying of the skin, "Extra Oil Cleansing Cure (Extra Oil Cleansing Cure)" is a make-up that the enzyme has entered into pores and horny gaps into a square plug or old It decomposes finely with horny matter, it makes it easy to remove it by rubbing with oil.

Special Powder Soap Cure

W enzyme * (proteolytic enzyme & lipolytic enzyme) + mud ingredient * (Gasol & White Clay) blended, remove the dirt, horn plug, roughness, dullness * of pores in pores and make it slippery skin with transparency I will wash it.

CureBathtime Fragrance

With the goodness of natural rock salt intact, we packed the two fragrances of citrus fresh "fresh orange" and gorgeous luxurious "fruity rose" into the bottle. Add a fresh and fruity new fragrance and enjoy a luxurious bath time to suit the mood of the day.

NaturalAquaGel Cure

Natural aqua gel Cure, in which 91% of the ingredients are made from water, is a simple horny care product that gently catches and removes unnecessary old horny skin on the skin surface. Promotes turnover and leads to transparent skin without dullness. Of course, fragrance-free, color-free, no preservative.


Cure Bath time is a bath salt packed directly as a natural rock salt "Ruby Salt" harvested in Himalaya. You can enjoy "miniature sea" 300 million years ago at home while you are at home.