Price: (1 packet) 250 yen (275 yen including tax)

As it is packing 100% natural rock salt "Ruby Salt" which was harvested in Himalaya, you can enjoy mineral plenty of 300 million years ago "mysterious sea" at home. Just put one bag, detoxify residual chlorine in tap water, protect the skin from oxidation.

<< Himalayan rock salt effect >>

Moisturizing skin "skin trouble improvement"

- Symptoms Skin rough skin acne dry skin
Natural mineral ingredients lead to more healthy trouble skin (rough skin · acne · dry skin etc). Salinity can wash away pore dirt and eliminate dullness of the skin.

Warmth from the core of the body "Improvement of constitution"

- Symptoms Coldness, swelling, stiff shoulder stiffness
It is rich in natural mineral same as hot spring. Promotes blood circulation so you can expect warmth of symptoms of coldness · swelling · stiff shoulders.