JITANNO ALL CLEAR watery cleansing

Price: 1,800 yen (1,980 yen including tax)

Even though it is water-based, makeup and sebum stains will come off cleanly. A cleansing gel that won't take away moisture.

[Drop] Time Revolution- "All Clear Water Cleansing" 72% of luxuriously blended 10 kinds of beauty ingredients such as “ceramide”, “arch choke leaf extract” and “pomegranate extract”, the water-based gel gently removes makeup while protecting moisture. It also removes old sebum and dirt from pores, so you don't need to double wash your face and wash all dirt in one go. It can also be used by those who have eyelash extensions, and can be used with wet hands or in the bath.

[How to use]

After picking up an appropriate amount and applying it well to makeup, rinse thoroughly with water or lukewarm water. It can be used even if your face or hands are wet, but if it is very wet, lightly dry your skin before using. W face washing is unnecessary.

[Internal capacity]

Water, PG, PEG-20 glyceryl isostearate, PEG-20 glyceryl triisostearate, coconut oil fatty acid PEG-7 glyceryl, PEG-8 (caprylic acid / capric acid) glycerides, PPG-9 diglyceryl, isopentyldiol, ceramide AP, ceramide NG, ceramide NP, yuzu fruit extract, arch choke leaf extract, licorice root extract, rosemary leaf extract, peach leaf extract, pomegranate extract, lactobacillus / pear fruit juice fermented liquid, allantoin, BG, DPG, PPG- 4 Ceteth-20, citric acid, sodium citrate, EDTA-2Na, phenoxyethanol, Na benzoate