New release of medicated keratin care gel "White Clear Gel"

Thorough whitening with medicated peeling twice a week*¹・Acne care Birth of White Clear Gel, a medicated keratin care gel Contains two active ingredients that have been shown to be effective and effective

Cure Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; President: Hiromitsu Mizuno) will start selling the medicated keratin care product "White Clear Gel" from July 15 (Wednesday).

The medicated "White Clear Gel" is a keratin care product that gently removes unnecessary dead skin cells on the surface of the skin while removing spots and acne. Removes dead skin cells that cause skin troubles and removes dullness*² and roughness of bare skin, leading to white and transparent skin*³ and enhancing penetration of beauty ingredients such as lotion.

For whitening*1 skin care, the important thing is to "clean off" before skin care. Old keratin may dull the face, causing spots and recurring adult acne. "White Clear Gel" reacts with old keratin and sebum stains, and cleans the skin without burdening the skin. In addition, by doing so, the two effective ingredients *⁴*⁵ that help prevent spots and freckles and skin roughness that have been found to be effective and effective will reach the skin more easily.

Made from fragrance-free, coloring-free, alcohol-free, silicone-free, and petroleum-based surfactant-free in consideration of both skin effect and gentleness. In addition, it contains five carefully selected plant extracts that have moisturizing and skin conditioning effects, "Time extract (1), Yukinoshita extract, peach leaf extract, cha extract (1), artichoke extract".

Enhances the penetration of beauty ingredients by performing keratin care with this product twice a week, making daily care more effective and preparing smooth and clear skin. About 90% is made of water, so it can be used not only on the face but on the whole body. Please use it not only on the back and décolleté where acne is prone to occur, but also on the elbows, knees, heels and hips where darkening is a concern.

*¹: Whitening is to suppress the production of melanin and prevent spots and freckles caused by sunburn.
*²: Due to old keratin
*³: By washing away old calluses
*⁴: Nichirei/Water-soluble placenta extract B
*⁵: Glycylic acid 2K

Product name: White clear gel [quasi-drug] 200g
Price: 2,500 yen (tax excluded)