Cure series product new release

"Moist Serum Lotion Cure"

Cure Inc. (head office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; president: Tomohiro Susaki) of horny caregle "Natural Aqua Gel Cure" has added Moist Serum Lotion Cure (Moist Serum Lotion Cure) as a moisturizing beauty care lotion in June We will start selling from Thursday, 14th.

"Moist Serum Lotion Cure (Moist Serum Lotion Cure)" <Product feature> A kind of plant tightening ingredient * ¹ and natural ceramide * ² tighten your skin tightly, moisturizing, 2 in 1 beauty lotion / lotion.

  • Seven types of vegetable tightening ingredients * ¹ tighten your skin tightly.
  • Natural ceramide * ², marine collagen, hyaluronic acid firmly permeate (to the stratum corneum), moisturize, protect from drying.
  • Hokkaido Thoroughbred plenty high content of essential amino acids gives the skin firmness and gloss to the skin.
  • Beauty ingredients derived from plants and fruits * ³ prepare your skin texture.
  • Touchy texture adheres to your skin and closely.
  • No fragrance · No coloring, no parabens.
  • * ¹: Hamamelis leaf extract · Camomile flower extract · Fuyu body extract, toluens calendula flower extract · Roman chamomile flower extract · otogirisou flower / leaf / stem extract / beetle flower extract
  • * ²: Cerebroside
  • * ³: Aureobasidium pullulans culture · Yuzu fruit extract · Hawthorn extract, jujube fruit extract · grapefruit fruit extract · apple fruit extract · orange juice · lemon juice · lime fruit juice · arches chalk leaf extract · magwa root extract · kumasasa Leaf Extract
<Product overview>
  • Moist Serum Lotion Cure (moist serum lotion cure)
  • Contents: 180ml
  • Suggested retail price: 2,500 yen (excluding tax)
  • Sales route: nationwide variety store · drugstore
  • Release date: June 14, 2018 (Thursday)