Diola Argan oil 15ml

Price : 6,000 yen (6,600 yen including tax)

One drop of gold in Morocco gives moisture and firmness to the skin and hair

100% of the rare finest organic oil from Morocco, sticking to the traditional recipe that gently squeezes at low temperature so as not to break the ingredients. With excellent penetrating power, although it is an oil, it is scratchy. It contains natural vitamin E (tocopherol) and fatty acids such as oleic acid and linoleic acid abundantly. In local farms, after accepting orders, oil presses and air freight to Japan by air mail. We are packing bottles immediately in Japan.

[How to use]

  • Take the appropriate amount in a clean hand and carefully blend it while lightly holding down the face and body dryness.
  • If you are going to use it on hair, please put it on hair before and after styling a very small amount after shampooing.
* If you are allergic to nuts, please try patch test etc before use.

[Internal capacity]



Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil