CureBathtime scented 20g

250 yen (275 yen including tax)

1 Because it packs 100% natural rock salt "Ruby Salt" harvested in Himalaya as it is, you can enjoy mineral plenty of 300 million years ago "mysterious sea" at home.

With the goodness of natural rock salt intact, packaged the two fragrances of citrus fresh "fresh orange" and gorgeous luxurious "fruity rose" in the package. Add a fresh and fruity new fragrance and enjoy a luxurious bath time to suit the mood of the day.

[How to use]

Put a bag in your bath tub (about 200 L).
Please stir well after a few minutes.
You can melt it once with hot water in the basin and then return it to the bathtub.
Fossils of seaweed 300 million years ago are mixed, but there is no problem in quality.

[Internal capacity]



Mineral salt · fragrance