AMINONE Clear Wash

Price: 1,200 yen (1,320 yen including tax)

The Solves worrisome pore problems with live*¹ enzymes*². For skin-friendly, weakly acidic and translucent skin!

"Aminone Clear Wash" is an enzymatic face wash that leads to clear, smooth and smooth skin. Proteolytic enzymes*² and amino acid-based cleansing ingredients*⁴ thoroughly break down blackheads and keratin plugs in pores, while clay*⁵ ingredients absorb and thoroughly remove them. Vitamin C*⁶ and CICA*⁷ condition and moisturize the skin, removing roughness and dullness*³ and leaving the skin clear and clean. It contains ceramide*⁸, collagen*⁸, hyaluronic acid*⁸, and dipotassium glycyrrhizinate*⁸, and features a moisturizing effect even after washing your face. Because it is a weakly acidic & mild amino acid type*⁴ formula that is close to the skin, it can be used not only for daily face washing, but also for people with sensitive or dry skin.

*1 State activated when used
*2 Protease (cleaning ingredient)
*3 Due to old keratin
*4 Cocoylglycine Na, Cocoylmethyltaurate Na (cleaning ingredients)
*5 Kaolin (cleansing ingredient)
*6 Ascorbic acid (skin conditioning and moisturizing ingredient)
*7 Centella asiatica extract (moisturizing ingredient)
*8 Moisturizing ingredient

[How to use]

Take an appropriate amount (2-3 cm) on the palm of your hand, lather well with water or lukewarm water, wash gently, then rinse thoroughly.

[Internal capacity]

Water, glycerin, sodium cocoylglycine, lauryl betaine, PEG-80 sorbitan laurate, citric acid, sodium cocoyl methyltaurate, (caprylyl/capryl) glucoside, protease, ascorbic acid, centella asiatica extract, kaolin, 2K glycyrrhizinate, sodium hyaluronate , ceramide NG, hydrolyzed collagen, hydrolyzed soy protein, PEG-400, glycol distearate, polyglyceryl-10 myristate, lauric acid, sodium citrate, PEG-160 sorbitan triisostearate, hydroxypropyl methylcellulose, glyceryl caprylate, Xanthan gum, EDTA-2Na, PPG-4 ceteth-20, DPG, phenoxyethanol