New release of enzyme face wash "Aminone Clear Wash"

"Aminone Clear Wash" is now available to solve worrisome pore problems with live * 1 enzymes * 2 For skin-friendly, weakly acidic and translucent skin!

4Cs HD Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture; Representative Director: Toshimi Tendo), which develops cosmetics and hair care products, has launched the enzymatic face wash “Aminone Clear Wash” that allows daily pore care with live*1 enzymes*2. ” will be on sale from March 22 (Wednesday) at online shops, drug stores, and variety shops. This product contains live*1 enzymes*2 that remove blackheads, keratin plugs, roughness, and dullness*3 from pores, leading to clear, smooth we would like to ask for your continued support.

■ Product Features of “Aminone Clear Wash”

"Aminone Clear Wash" is an enzymatic face wash that leads to clear, smooth skin. Proteolytic enzymes*2 and amino acid-based cleansing ingredients*4 thoroughly break down blackheads and keratin plugs in pores, while clay*5 adsorbs and thoroughly removes them. Vitamin C*6 and CICA*7 condition and moisturize the skin, removing roughness and dullness*3, leaving the skin clear and clean. It contains ceramide*8, collagen*8, hyaluronic acid*8, and dipotassium glycyrrhizinate*8, and is characterized by its moisturizing effect even after washing your face.
Because it has a weakly acidic and mild amino acid formula that is close to the skin*4, it can be used not only for daily face washing, but also for people with sensitive or dry skin.

*1 State activated when used
*2 Protease (cleaning ingredient)
*3 Due to old keratin
*4 Cocoylglycine Na, Cocoylmethyltaurate Na (cleaning ingredients)
*5 Kaolin (cleansing ingredient)
*6 Ascorbic acid (skin conditioning and moisturizing ingredient)
*7 Centella asiatica extract (moisturizing ingredient)
*8 Moisturizing ingredient

■ About our original enzyme stabilization manufacturing method

By stabilizing the live *1 enzyme *2, the activity of the enzyme can be controlled and stabilized even in the cream. Therefore, you can wash your face with foam in which the enzyme is activated.

■ How to use "Aminone Clear Wash"

The weakly acidic and mild amino acid system*3 formula is close to the skin, so it is gentle on the skin and can be used as a daily face wash.
It is also recommended for washing your face in the morning because it can leave moisture.
Take an appropriate amount (2-3 cm) on the palm of your hand or a net, add water or lukewarm water in several batches, and lather to incorporate air. Gently wash your face so that it wraps around your face, then rinse thoroughly.

*1 State activated when used
*2 Protease (cleaning ingredient)
*3 Cocoylglycine Na. Cocoyl methyl taurine Na (cleaning ingredient)